Brighton web development and design meetups

This past week, having finished a project and having a bit of free time to spare, I decided to do some digging and see what was going on in Brighton in terms of web development meetups. It turns out there’s plenty of stuff here, and probably more activity in terms of after-school meetup groups and presentations than in London, even.

This week I met some interesting and friendly folk at The Brighton Farm, a pub group that’s been meeting for quite some time. Thanks for the big obvious board in the pub so I didn’t have to play spot-the-geek. Mostly developers and a designer or two, and a good venue. Didn’t run into any Rubyists this time, sadly.

Then, on Thursday async, a JavaScript-focused weekly presentation put on in Hove. There were two interesting talks:

  1. Firstly, Dan Glegg on a pure HTML5 presentation framework written in jQuery that uses websockets to keep everyone’s laptop in sync with the slides – plenty of potential for extremely fancy slideshows there (especially if they happen to be about demonstrating HTML5 or Canvas).
  2. The main event was Aron Carroll with a comprehensive-sounding presentation on CSS3 transitions, transformations and animation. Aron covered the evolution, features and current browser support for these three goodies, and there was some interesting pontification afterwards about potential uses, especially in relation to creating fancy graphics with very little code. Mario clone in CSS3 was suggested. Moving on.

I’m quite buoyed by the discovery of these sorts of events, it’s just a shame the Ruby stuff seems to have died a death. We’ll see what can be done about that…