Geek anger management 101

I recently moved out of my office space in Hove, as I’m spending two months in Kerala, India, for a change of scenery. I’m so hard done by.

Somewhere in between Waitrose and home, my LCD screen smashed into the back of a metal portable filing cabinet, causing irreparable damage. When I discovered this, I nearly needed sedating, although there was no one around to administer the drugs. After a few hours of ranting at myself and kicking various pieces of furniture, I realised an easy way to solve both my anger and the problem with the screen: give the stupid thing to charity and buy another when you need one.

This solves two of the problems I was facing:

  1. I’m a stuck-up, middle class, overpaid layabout that gets angry about minor physical scratches to computer hardware, and I need a reality check
  2. I need to replace the screen

So, next time you break something, I suggest you put it down to Karma: you haven’t done enough recently to help others with their real problems. Take the stupid piece of consumer electronics to a charity shop and forget about it.