Resolving Cucumber step ambiguities

Following the latest campaign against imperative Cucumber stories in favour of declarative stories (see especially Dan North’s great article on domain languages), I’ve been trying to get more naturalistic language into my stories. However, it becomes very easy to run into step ambiguities, something that Cucumber can try to handle on its own with --guess, but that I’d rather just resolve for it instead.
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Pong in HTML5 Canvas and YUI3, with tests!

In case you’re one of my clients, you might be wondering why I’ve been slacking off recently. Here’s why: I’ve been teaching myself ‘grown up’ JavaScript under instruction of Douglas Crockford (in book and video form, obviously). Crockford never mentions Test Driven Development, probably because he doesn’t do it. But I do, so I’ve been learning to do that in JavaScript too.

So here it is, HTML5 Canvas Pong.
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