WordPress installation

After years of writing and rewriting various blogging platforms without telling anyone, in various languages including Python, Ruby and PHP, and obsessing over various database backends such as Berkeley DB XML, I’ve decided to just stick WordPress on a subdomain. I lose. But I win.

See, it’s not pure PHP – I used my one-time colleague Duncan’s instructions on using Capistrano to deploy WordPress, and adapted them a bit for my own purposes. I’m not in the mood for opening up the whole git repo, but here are a few gists.

In order, these are:

  1. The VirtualHost config I’m using to serve PHP through mod_fastcgi (NOT mod_fcgi). This includes the rewrite rule needed for /post-slug paths
  2. The deploy.rb file to stick in config/deploy.rb

Hopefully you’ll continue to enjoy my technical ponderings and health complaints.